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Aug 1, 2018

Kendra was critical to achieving our goal of home ownership. Though we were experienced with the home buying process by owning and selling a home in the Atlanta area, nothing could have prepared us for what we had to face in the bay area. The market here is so competitive and ruthless that difference between success and failure lies with having the right agent. Had we not followed Kendra's advice, we would have end up locked into a contract buying a home that failed the home inspection with flying colors. You need a wise agent that will protect you and your bank account from vicious seller tactics. Theres a lot of dirty tricks out there, and Kendra, plying her kraft in one of the toughest markets in the country, has seen them all and will steer you clear of the pitfalls and get you into a home that you will be satisfied with.

Ricky Worthey

Aug 1, 2018

Kendra helped me buy my condo in San Jose. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in finding places that met my needs, and worked tirelessly to make sure I had the information I needed to make my decision. She was available throughout the purchase process, and made suggestions for my offer that turned out to be critical in getting it accepted.

Frank Klotz

Nov 25, 2017

Kendra came to me during a time when my realtor and lender were both not putting their "A" effort to help me, a single income, purchase a home for my daughters and I. This is a time that requires your realtor and lender to be there for you. When I met Kendra, not only did she bring her "A" game, she referred me to a lender who was able to make my dreams come true to stay in Willow Glen and own a home as a single mom. WOW!

Meenu |
Nurse |
Willow Glen

First Time Home Buyer

Jun 18, 2017

Kendra made our first home buying experience pleasant and surprisingly smooth. She gave us relevant guidance/ advice as well as enough space to form our own opinions on different aspects of the process. We never felt rushed or pushed anytime. She felt more like a friend who cared to help us find our dream home when she was upfront with red flag issues of houses we looked at. Kendra is knowledgeable and approachable, which we found really helpful to address many of our concerns. Overall, we really could not have been any happier with the entire home buying process and Kendra has made our first home special with her honesty and smile.

Mukund & Priya

Jun 2, 2017

Kendra was just the person I needed to help find the right house in Willow Glen. She and I immediately clicked, and her detailed knowledge of the area, having lived her whole life there, was just the kind of insight I needed to guide my decision making. She knew the type of home I was looking for, listened to my needs and gave great advice without pushing me into any decisions. She was a wonderful partner in what can be a very stressful process at times. Anyone is lucky to have her as their realtor.

Krystal Hoffman |

Willow Glen

Apr 24, 2017

We had an amazing experience with Kendra who assisted us with the purchase of our first home. She really took our likes, wants, and must-haves into consideration and presented us with some excellent options. She helped us through the whole process, start to finish, and then some. Kendra really was more than a realtor to us - she was a friend - with a lot of knowledge and advice. When it came time to make an offer, she guided us and fought for our best interest. We couldn’t believe that our first offer was accepted, and though things moved quickly for us, it was made much easier with Kendra’s guidance. We really could not be any happier with the entire home buying process and Kendra’s help. I would absolutely recommend Kendra’s services to anyone looking for help buying or selling.


Anne Hansen |

Willow Glen

Mar 27, 2017

We had a great experience with Kendra. Moving from the midwest, Kendra helped us navigate the CA market. She handled our contract, inspections and everything we needed while we were back in Indiana selling and packing our home there. Kendra is a professional. Her knowledge of the area and what to look for in the homes is invaluable. We are so happy in our new home in Willow Glen. 
Thank you Kendra!


Russ and Debbie Hager |

Willow Glen

Sep 25, 2016

Kendra is a true professional and was able to help us seal the deal on the purchase of our home. She has intimate knowledge of the surrounding communities which was helpful since we were unfamiliar with the area. We felt that Kendra was very active, supportive and forthcoming with her insight throughout the purchase process.


Javi Delacruz |
VP Engineering |
Willow Glen

Jun 16, 2016

Working with Kendra was a delight. In the purchase of our home, we never felt rushed or pushed to go in any direction on any of the homes we viewed. Kendra made us feel as though her schedule was completely open for us, accommodating our hectic lifestyle and awkward hours. Her vast knowledge of market analysis, financial options, legal issues, etc. shows that she is a professional. 

Kendra provided valuable input during the contractual period, further exemplifying her knowledge of the housing market. All responses to our questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner. Her patience with us and our lack of understanding was beyond that of realtor, but more resembling a friend.

Celina Alvord

Feb 25, 2016

Owner's The Clever Traveler

Selling a home you've lived in for over 30 years is an emotional ordeal. From the start to finish Kendra was both professional and personal with the sale of our home providing excellent support and advice. 
We were fortunate in having multiple offers and in this process Kendra handled the prospected buyers with unparalleled expertise. 
We consider Kendra and excellent Real Estate Agent and without hesitation recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.


Harry and Robyn Clever |
Owner's The Clever Traveler

Jan 11, 2016

I cannot say enough good things about Kendra Gaeta. As we entered into our house search, we heard one negative story after another from friends about their experiences with real estate agents. We feel so blessed that we found a real estate agent who is so good, even our seller's real estate agent complimented her on putting together the best offer he'd ever seen. 

We met Kendra at an open house and knew right away that we wanted to work with her. Kendra is grounded, honest, assertive exactly when she needs to be and never pushy when she doesn't need to be. She listened carefully to what we wanted and helped us find the perfect house for us. In a market where even our mortgage broker told us that we might put in five offers before one is accepted, our very first offer was accepted in about 2 hours, thanks to Kendra. 

As first time home buyers, we had so much to learn about the processes of both buying and owning a home. Kendra taught us so much - including walking us through the house and giving us her recommendations for repairs and upkeep. She recruited absolutely fantastic inspectors for us, and referred us to an astonishingly good mortgage broker (Dave Setti at Turnkey Mortgage). 

For the first two weeks in our new home I said a prayer of gratitude for Kendra every day. I cannot recommend her enough.


Sonya Bibilos |
Life Coach and New Home owner |
San Jose

Nov 9, 2015

We had such a great experience from start to finish working with Kendra. We described to Kendra in detail the type of home we were looking for and she nailed it! To be a successful buyer's realtor in this market you have to have insight, fortitude, and great resources. Kendra always had a plan B and our experience was that of having forward momentum and continual progress being made. Her great attention to every level of detail and keeping us informed of all the next steps was so greatly appreciated. We are so fortunate to have Kendra represent us during our home search, purchase process through finalization. We are in the kind of home we wanted, in our desired neighborhood, paid under asking with multiple offers on the table. Not only do you get Kendra as your realtor but also her excellent resources. We plan to ask her to represent us in the future. Not only did we find an excellent realtor but a lifelong friend as well.


Ted and Rebecca Townsend |


Nov 2, 2015

Kendra was amazing. After talking with a few realtors prior to starting my house hunt, I didn't feel like I had found one that I was as eager to find me a house as I was. When I met with Kendra on a recommendation, I knew she was the right woman for the job five minutes in to the meeting. She was excited about the opportunity for me, wanted to know exactly what I wanted and exactly what it would take to make me happy. More than anything, Kendra was attentive and overly communicative from day one, which is exactly what I needed as a first time home buyer. If I emailed her 5 different questions, she was right there with five responses and a text message. She always had answers to my questions, fought for me every step of the way, and I trusted her without batting an eye, because she was clearly the expert. Kendra was more than a pleasure to work with and understood my needs better than I did. I will be shouting her praises to anyone that will listen.


Alexandra Conway |
marketing specialist |
San Jose

Investment Property

Aug 28, 2015

We cannot express how pleased we were with the results of the sale of our home in Elk Grove, CA. Kendra handled the sale with such attention to detail that we felt no stress throughout the process. She kept us informed of every single step of the sale, came to our home to deliver documents and explained the transaction in terms we could understand. Kendra walked us through all the issues with the home and helped us make the right decisions on how to resolve them, without any pressure. She allowed us time to think over the offers, she made all the arrangements for the required repairs, and was just as happy as we were when the sale was completed. I highly recommend Kendra as your next Real Estate agent, as I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. A true professional who loves her job, her smile says it all. Thank you Kendra for all the work you did for us.


Tillie |
Retired from U.S. District Court |
Willow Glen

Finding the perfect getaway

Sep 2, 2015

I searched a dozen or so areas in the sierra foothills 

for 2 years. after loosing a few cabins 2 a market frenzy 
last year I asked Kendra to help me get my finances in order 
so we could make an offer on one of my final properties. 
I new what I wanted but didn't know how get it. She 
researched the listings that had exactly what I was looking 
for and showed me which one was better suited 4 me and my 
Together we decided on one and she made sure all the 
details were right and got the sellers to agree on repairs 
and terms. 
Kendra and the other realtor worked so well together 
that I closed a week early and she handed me the keys before 
the end of escrow. 
My dream home is now a reality because Kendra cared enough 
to guide me through every move



We were Amazed at the Service

Mar 6, 2015

Kendra truly helped me find a perfect home for my family. She was incredibly proactive and responsive during the entire process. I work full time and take care of 3 kids, so my life is extremely busy. Kendra managed the entire end to end process from suggesting homes, coordinating inspections, working with my loan officers and provided names of contractors that could help me enhance/maintain my new home. 

Because of Kendra's priceless partnership, I was able to move into our lovely new home on time. 

Kendra is truly a caring individual that gets to know you to help you find a perfect home.


Sheila Rohra |

San Jose